About us

LLC Medical Instrument Plant - Medapparat

Miz-MA LLC is a modern enterprise that specializes in the production of Air Sterilizers and Steam Sterilizers, the purpose of sterilizing medical devices. As well as a dry-air thermostat with and without cooling. Our products have a wide range of applications - they are used in medicine, veterinary medicine, laboratories, research activities and in almost all areas of the economic complex. All products, including the development of recent years, meet modern standards and requirements.

Miz-MA LLC is based on the production facilities of the Belgorod-Dniester Medical Instrument Plant, known since 1979 in the medical equipment market as a leading enterprise in the industry. Today Miz-MA LLC is developing, using the experience of the plant in the development and production of medical equipment, improving products and increasing the rating.

Production capacities and intellectual potential of Miz-MA LLC allow introducing developments and mastering the production of new production designs not only for medical purposes, but also for another profile. The reception has a registration certificate of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for the production of equipment, an ISO certificate. Also, our products are registered in the Kazakhstan.