Steam Sterilizer GK-10


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Article: GK-10
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Steam sterilizer GK-10 with automatic control of all stages of the sterilization cycle is designed to automatically provide steam sterilization in accordance with OST 42-21-2-85 medical devices made of metals (surgical, dental instruments), heat-resistant rubber, glass (syringes, dishes ) and textile materials (dressing, suture, etc.)

Main advantages:

  1. automatic control;
  2. sterilization chamber and loading boxes are made of polished, heat-resistant, stainless steel;
  3. high-quality thermal insulation;
  4. high information content of the control panel, which provides a digital indication of the current temperature and time, light indication of the main stages of the cycle;
  5. current pressure values ​​are monitored using a pressure gauge integrated in the door;
  6. reusable water system by returning it in the form of steam through the nozzle throughout the cycle, followed by condensation in the water tank;
  7. dosed water supply to the steam chamber, providing a minimum percentage of humidity of sterilization objects when they are removed from the chamber.

Sterilization programs

Designation of sterilization programs

Vapor pressure in the chamber, MPa kgf / cm2, bar

Sterilization temperature, degrees C

The time of sterilization exposure, min
  Nominal Deviation limit. Nominal Deviation limit. Nominal Deviation limit.
3 0,11(1,1) +0,01(+0,1) 121 ±1 20 +2
5 0,14(1,4) +0,01(+0,1) 126 ±1 10 +1
6 0,20(2,0) +0,01(+0,1) 132 ±1 20 +1
7 0,21(2,1) +0,01(+0,1) 134 ±1 5 +1

Note: use program No. 6 for sterilization of textile materials

At the request of the buyer, it is possible to install a program of sterilization of solutions in sealed vessels.


  Chamber volume, l 10
  Chamber dimensions, mm (diameter, g) 213х335
  The volume of distilled water in the tank, l 2
  Temperature deviation in volume of the sterilization chamber, °С + (-) 3
  Supply voltage, W 220
  Maximum power consumption, kW 1,2
  Overall dimensions, mm (sh.v.g.) 500х370х475
  Average service life, years 8
  Emergency Shutdown Temperature, °С 145
Contents of delivery
  Cassette holder 1
  Cassette 300х159 4
  Liner 1
  Tank cap 1