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The air sterilizer GP-10 is designed for air sterilization of surgical instruments, heat-resistant syringes and needles (with a mark of +200 °C), as well as glassware and other medical devices.

Main advantages:

  1. high level of automation;
  2. optimal forced circulation of hot air in the chamber with a high-quality engine;
  3. high-quality thermal insulation;
  4. sterilization chamber and loading boxes are made of polished, heat-resistant, stainless steel;
  5. high information content of the control panel, which provides a digital indication of the current temperature and time, light indication of the main stages of the cycle;
  6. blocking is provided at excess of deviations from a temperature condition and emergency shutdown
  Overall dimensions, mm (HxWxD) 385x360x400
  Dimensions of the sterilization chamber, mm, HxWxD 145x240x260
  Chamber volume, l 10
  Supported operating modes, °С / min
  1. mode 1 - 85/30
  2. mode 2 - 120/45
  3. mode 3 - 160/150
  4. mode 4 - 180/60
  5. (option)mode 5 - 50...200/0...999
  Temperature deviation in volume of the sterilization chamber, °С ±3
  Supply voltage, W 220
  The heating time to sterilization temperature, min 30 ±5
  Maximum power consumption, kW 1,0
  Average service life, years 8
  Number of loading boxes, pcs 2