Dry-air thermostat ТСО-80 (with cooling)


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Item: TSO-80

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The Dry-air thermostat ТСО-80 (with cooling) is designed to obtain and maintain the highly stable temperature inside the working chamber necessary for conducting bacteriological and serological studies in clinical diagnostic and sanitary-bacteriological laboratories of clinics and hospitals, research institutes, food industry laboratories, etc.

The result of quality work is achieved thanks to:

  1. automatic regulation and maintenance of the set temperature;
  2. continuous digital indication of the current temperature;
  3. forced circulation of air in the chamber;
  4. mirror stainless steel used for the manufacture of the working chamber;
  5. additional transparent door
  Chamber volume, l 80
  Dimensions of the sterilization chamber, mm, WxHxD 400х550х360
  Supply voltage, W 220
  Maximum power consumption, kW 0,9
  Overall dimensions, mm (WxHxD) 520х1010х640
  Average service life, years 8
  Number of loading boxes, pcs 3
Specifications Thermostats
  adjustable temperature range, ° С 10....60
  temperature setting discreteness, ° С 0,1
  reference point temperature accuracy + (-)0,4
  temperature deviation, relative to the reference point + (-)1
  additional transparent door there is
  refrigeration unit there is