Stand for sterilizer type GK


Country of origin

The support under the GK sterilizer is intended for installation on it of sterilizers of air types GK-10, GK-20 for operation.

The frame of a support is collapsible and consists of two sidewalls which are made of a steel profile pipe with a powder covering.

The lower shelf, made of powder-coated carbon steel, is attached to the sides of the frame.

Fastening is carried out by bolts with washers in carving openings of sidewalls from above.

The upper shelf, reinforced at the bottom with channels, is also made of powder-coated carbon steel sheet and is attached to the sides with bolts and washers in the threaded holes of the sides from below.

To eliminate the unevenness of the floor from below, four heels (adjustable supports) are screwed into the sides.

Technical characteristics
Overall dimensions:  
Maximum load on the stand  60 kg. 
weight 23 kg.
Delivery set  
Frame sidewall 2 unit
The shelf is lower 1 unit
The top shelf 1 unit
Heel (adjustable support) 4 unit
Bolt M6x14 8 unit
Washer 6mm 8 unit