Dentist's table DT


Country of origin

The dentist's table is designed to accommodate consumables, medicines and other medical instruments.

The frame of the table is collapsible and consists of two sides and a tie made of a metal profile tube with a powder coating.

In the sidewalls of the frame, there are four swivel wheels, two of which are with brakes.

The frame holds two powder-coated shelves, the top shelf is a worktop.

width 450 mm.
length 650 mm.
height 825 mm.
Maximum table load 40 kg.
Weight 15 kg.
Contents of delivery
Frame sidewall with wheels 2 unit
Frame ties 1 unit
Upper shelf 1 unit
Bottom shelf 1 unit
Bolt М6х14 8 unit
Bolt М6х35 4 unit
Nut М6 4 unit
Washer М6 12 unit